Grundman cited in Defense News, “Early Procurement Cuts Spare Industrial Base”

20 February 2012

The program decisions announced Feb. 13 left most of the [industrial] base intact and future plans look promising, although further cuts could still pose risk, experts said. “I think the shoes to fall are softer and smaller in the modernization… 
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Grundman appears as panelist at Aviation Week’s “Defense Technology, Affordability, & Requirements”

16 February 2012

Aviation Week’s annual “DTAR” conference, held in Arlington this week, was the scene of a panel discussion entitled, “US Defense Strategy: Analysts Evaluate What it Means”. The panel, moderated by the Managing Editor of Aviation Week, Joe Anselmo, featured Steve… 
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Grundman cited in Defense News, “Pentagon Punts on Major Program Cuts”

30 January 2012

Analysts say the Pentagon’s decision to make deep cuts in personnel spared deeper cuts to procurement accounts. . . . Steve Grundman, an independent analyst and former DoD industrial policy chief, found the ability to make personnel cuts surprising. “They’re… 
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Grundman cited in Defense News, “U.S. Contractors Mull ITAR-Free Programs”

23 January 2012

U.S. defense contractors are eyeing a way around the limitations imposed by Washington’s export restrictions . . . . “The reason is not because the export control rules are any more restrictive, but because the export markets are more important… 
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Grundman cited in Aviation Week, “Aftershock: Lawmakers’ Failure on Deficit Agreement Wreaks Havoc on the Pentagon’s Plans”

28 November 2011

All this uncertainty may serve as a way for both sides to score campaign points in a presidential election year, notes Steven Grundman of Grundman Advisory. “You would expect that this is a straw-man budget,” he says of the worst-case… 
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Grundman cited in Aviation Week, “Congress’s Super-Failure Puts Contractors on Edge”

28 November 2011

Sixteen weeks after it was created, the Super Committee folded on Nov. 21 without a deal. . . . “It’s a bit of a cataclysm that starts playing out now,” says Steven Grundman, a senior Pentagon acquisition official in the… 
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Grundman cited in Defense News, “GD’s Force Protection Buy a Sign of Consolidation”

14 November 2011

On the other end of the spectrum, some analysts are questioning whether Gener­al Dynamics, ranked No. 5 on Defense News’ 2010 list, will be able to extract sub­stantial value from the deal. “If the recent historical profitability of the company is… 
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Grundman cited in Defense News, “Boeing Unveils Cyber Effort”

31 October 2011

Steve Grundman of Grundman Advisory said that while Boeing has not been very public about cyber, its other capabilities may prove a major asset. “It’s manifestly correct to say that Boeing has a relatively small IT business compared to its… 
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Grundman cited in Defense News, “Beware of Lobbyists Bearing Tickets”

17 October 2011

Steve Grundman, an industry consultant, said he does not see the proposed rule as a large impediment to military-industry relations. “It’s not like compliance with this would be all that burdensome,” he said. “On face value, I certainly don’t read… 
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Grundman appears as panelist at Center for Strategic and International Studies conference on “Defense in an Age of Austerity”

29 September 2011

Steve Grundman appeared, together with David Berteau and Todd Harrison, on a panel discussion of the “Domestic Implications of a Defense Drawdown” at a conference on Defense in an Age of Austerity convened by the Center for Strategic and International Studies…. 
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