Grundman Advisory publishes an update to its map of “Aerospace, Defense, and Government Services Mergers & Acquisitions”.

1 June 2020

Steve Grundman is pleased to announce publication of an update of the M&A “map”. The new version adds several companies and is current for transactions that have been consummated through the end of April 2020. Aerospace, Defense, and Government Services… 
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Grundman Advisory publishes Commentary, “What’s in a Name? Not the Essence of Strategy”

6 September 2011

The point of this Commentary is to contest the notion that public, private, and non-profit enterprises are so essentially different as to defeat any common approach to their strategic choices. Instead, I argue that the essential dynamic of strategy among… 
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CRA publishes “Aerospace & Defense Mergers and Acquisitions Map (1993 – 2010)”

1 March 2011

The global aerospace, defense, and government services markets and supplier base have evolved considerably during the past decade and a half. Mergers and acquisitions have played a large role in this transition, and CRA’s map helps tell this narrative. The… 
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CRA publishes Grundman and Peoples on “Better Buying Power: Implications for A&D Programs”

1 November 2010

In response to an expectation of increasing constraints on US defense spending, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has announced several initiatives to improve operating efficiency and control budgeted costs. One such set of initiatives was outlined by Under Secretary of… 
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CRA publishes Grundman on “The Monopsonist’s Dilemma: Implications for the Defense Industry of Better Buying Power at the Pentagon”

1 October 2010

At a press conference in September 2010, then-US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and his acquisition executive, Ashton Carter, announced Carter’s issuance of direction for how the Pentagon would set out to achieve productivity growth in its acquisition of weapons… 
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CRA publishes Doeckel and Grundman on “Security and the Commons: A Segmentation of Assets by Function”

1 July 2010

How should the aerospace and defense industry think strategically about the attention now being focused on securing “the Commons”? The prevailing conceptions of this problem are associated with two distinct customer perspectives, neither of which is well suited to informing… 
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CRA publishes Grundman and Roncka on “Defense-21: Drivers of Change in the 21st Century”

1 May 2010

It has become a conventional wisdom that the defense industry is crossing an inflection point, which is changing its business in fundamental ways. CRA set out to test that proposition by examining what has changed and how, as well as… 
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CRA publishes Armitage and Grundman on “What to Do with the Cash: Of Gates, Tracks, and Signals”

1 March 2010

Faced with strengthening balance sheets, expectations of slower growth in core markets, and recovering share prices, defense companies in 2010 were facing the seemingly enviable strategic challenge of “what to do with the cash?” In this issue of CRA Insights first… 
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CRA publishes Grundman et al. on “Innovation in Aerospace and Defense”

1 February 2010

In July 2009, Aviation Week hosted an Executive Summit in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which was attended by leaders from across the aerospace and defense industry. Aviation Week designed this summit to address the issues thought most critical to the… 
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CRA publishes Grundman on “Putting Hard Times into Perspective”

1 September 2009

Like many sectors of the economy, the aerospace and defense industry marked the end of the first decade of the 21st century as a major inflection point in its post-Cold-War evolution. The global economic recession drove growth in the production… 
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