Grundman appears as panelist at Aviation Week’s “Defense Technology, Affordability, & Requirements”

16 February 2012 • 0 Comments

Aviation Week’s annual “DTAR” conference, held in Arlington this week, was the scene of a panel discussion entitled, “US Defense Strategy: Analysts Evaluate What it Means”. The panel, moderated by the Managing Editor of Aviation Week, Joe Anselmo, featured Steve Grundman of Grundman Advisory, together with Byron Callan, a Partner at Capital Alpha Partners, and Pierre Chao, the Managing Partner of Renaissance Strategic Advisors. Grundman’s remarks were summarized in a blog posting by the editor of National Defense, Sandra Erwin, who wrote, “The Obama administration’s military strategy is predicated on avoiding wars like Iraq and Afghanistan. Beyond that, it says little about how the U.S. armed services should size forces and make investments for a future of shrinking budgets. This creates a big problem for the defense industry as executives ponder possible actions to cope with the downturn, said Steven Grundman, a former Pentagon official and now an industry consultant.”



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