Grundman cited in Defense News, “DoD Business Panel Proposes $125B in Savings”

25 January 2015

Commenting on the Defense Business Board’s recommendations to reduce services contracting, implement early retirements, rework contracts, and reduce administrative costs, Steve Grundman discusses risk-management: “‘Commercial businesses tolerate risk because the worst that can happen to their business is that they… 
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Grundman Cited In Jane’s Market Intelligence, “Pentagon Changes Acquisition Instructions”

9 January 2015

“. . . the new version also includes a lengthy table outlining the various reporting requirements, an area that Kendall said in his letter he will seek to address. ‘They are planning, preparing for a conversation with Congress about necking down… 
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Grundman Cited In Defense News, “Blurred Lines: Commercial, Defense Sectors Begin To Blend”

4 August 2014

“Those who watch the industry agree: Change is coming, and companies that don’t react appropriately could get left behind. ‘As a generalization, the defense industry and the defense industrial base would be well served by an industry whose structure had more exposure to commercial markets and commercial technologies… 
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Grundman Cited In Defense News, “Court: Us Must Explain Why It Rejects Foreign Deals”

28 July 2014

“The ruling likely will not change interest by investors, said Steven Grundman, a former Pentagon industrial policy chief now with the Atlantic Council. ‘The unique circumstances of Ralls combined with the due process basis for the court’s ruling strike me as a combination that does not… 
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Breaking Defense Publishes Grundman Opinion, “Bellwethers Of The Post-Afghan Defense-Industrial Base”

15 July 2014

Writing as part of a series on Reaping the Benefits of a Global Defense Industry, Steve Grundman observes that “After three years of the ‘age of austerity’ in Western military spending, investors’ imperatives and corporate strategies indication of how the defense-industrial… 
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Grundman Cited In Aviation Week, “Top-Performing Companies Study See Rocky Horizon”

5 May 2014

“For months, the Defense Department has been publicly exhorting U.S. companies to boost their investments in certain technologies that are critical to national defense and that also offer the greatest potential for future revenue growth. For its part, the Pentagon has allowed… 
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Defense News Publishes Grundman Opinion, “A Defense Industry For The Age Of Austerity”

21 April 2014

Writing on the opinion page of Defense News, Steve Grundman observes that “three years into an ‘age of austerity’ in Western military spending, expectations are building for a new wave of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the defense industry like the one that followed the Cold… 
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Grundman Cited In Businessweek, “U.S. Defense Contractors Focus On Foreign Buyers”

14 November 2013

“Some analysts doubt U.S. contractors will ever be able to find enough foreign sales to make up for lost domestic business. In one measure of the potential gap, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, which oversees sales of U.S.-made military equipment to foreign… 
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Grundman Cited In Defense News, “Industry Girds For Extended Us Sequester”

20 October 2013

“To manage slowing spending ahead of the downturn, and with what appears to be a growing acceptance of the sequester cuts, companies have already turned to throwing cash back at investors in the form of hiking dividends and share repurchases. ‘The pattern of… 
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Grundman Cited In Defense News, “With Aging Platforms, Boeing Looks Abroad”

14 October 2013

“Steve Grundman, a Lund Fellow at the Atlantic Council and principal of Grundman Advisory, said agreements like the Embraer deal follow a well-established tactic employed by several other American companies, including Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics. It may seem ironic,… 
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