Aviation Week publishes a new commentary by Steve Grundman, “What Could Go Wrong for the Aerospace Industry?

23 October 2017 • 0 Comments

Writing in the Up Front column of Aviation Week, Steve Grundman employs the biblical prophesy of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to share his critical thinking about the range of strategic peril that confronts the aerospace industry in the 21st century. His inventory–technology idolatry, trade wars, adaptation to the digital age, and sclerotic incumbents–are examples of the high-strategic┬ádangers which the aerospace industry will have to navigate if it is to succeed as mightily in its second century as it has in its first. The essay concludes with reassurance that he “hardly regard[s] as inevitable a progression toward the doom of aerospace imagined in these cautionary thoughts,” and that his “general outlook for aerospace and defense is certainly much lighter.” At the same time, Grundman warns, “whether it manifests as four horsemen or a quartet of disruptive engineers at the bench, real strategic danger awaits the second century of aerospace. We could yet screw this up.”



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