Grundman Advisory is a professional services firm that helps executives in public, private, and non-profit enterprises make good strategic choices.

Good strategic choices flow from a vision for how an enterprise will grow its value to the entire community of stakeholders in its success. These choices orient the enterprise on specific objectives and identify the who, what, where, when, and how of their achievement. The discipline of strategic choice also involves setting goals by which to measure and manage progress toward the realization of the enterprise’s vision over time.

Grundman Advisory’s approach to helping clients adopt this discipline employs a rigorous toolbox of economics, finance, and organizational behavior leavened by practical experience making and managing strategy in complex enterprises. This approach engages a network of subject-matter experts that Grundman Advisory can bring to bear on the particulars of a client’s context.

Clients value Grundman Advisory for the personal attention, quality of ideas, and integrity of processes that distinguish its work.

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