Aviation Week publishes “Allies Matter”, a commentary by Steve Grundman which makes the case for why the U.S. can’t go it alone on defense-industrial strategy

11 September 2019 • 0 Comments

Writing in the Up Front column of Aviation Week & Space Technology, Steve Grundman uses the occasion of the Quadrennial Conference of the National Technology Industrial Base to underscore how much works remains to achieve a seamless integration of the industrial bases of the United States and even its closest allies. Endorsing a recent report of the Atlantic Council which spells out the imperative of the task, Grundman concludes, “The industrial capabilities on which the US military relies for the goods and services undergirding its defense strategy either will thrive in this century by a seamless integration with those of our close allies, or they will wither from increasing isolation.”

View Aviation Week column here

View expanded commentary here

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