The Three Big Questions Of Defense-Industrial Strategy

21 August 2014

What are the industrial base issues that need to be considered in any defense strategy? In this age of austerity in military spending, we are hearing calls for bolder policies that would break with past practice, rewarding companies for taking risks, and punishing those that… 
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Bellwethers Of The Next Defense-Industrial Base

15 July 2014

Three years into an “age of austerity” in Western military spending, investors’ imperatives and corporate strategies show one indication of how the defense-industrial base will evolve over the next decade. Investors in public equities are seeking companies that exhibit an… 
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A Defense Industry For The Age Of Austerity

21 April 2014

Three years into an “age of austerity” in Western military spending, expectations are building for a new wave of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the defense industry like the one that followed the Cold War. Just as before, change is… 
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A Cautionary Tale Of Innovation For A&D

3 September 2012

Last month, the Wall Street Journal ran a series that offers a cautionary tale about innovation for the aerospace and defense industries of North America and Europe.  Entitled “How Japan Lost Its Electronics Crown”, the stories relate how one-time giants… 
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What’s in a Name? Not The Essence of Strategy

6 September 2011

The point of this Commentary is to contest the notion that public, private, and non-profit enterprises are so essentially different as to defeat any common approach to their strategic choices. Instead, I argue that the essential dynamic of strategy among… 
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