Trump’s Unremarkable Defense Playbook

12 January 2018

In a commentary published in Aviation Week on Inauguration Day, I described “signposts and metrics” of force posture, defense spending, and acquisition management that I would be using to gauge the true magnitude and direction of change that would emerge… 
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The “High Beta” Presidency: Anything Could Happen

20 January 2017

What does the Trump Administration portend for defense policy? Will it increase the defense budget? Will it change the size, structure, and disposition of military forces? Will it cancel important acquisition programs? For now, the best answer to these questions… 
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How the New Administration Can Break the Grip of Deadlock Over Defense Spending

10 November 2016

This week’s election draws to a close a race for President driven by identity politics—affinity by race, class, gender, etc.—rather than ideological competition or policy differences. As a result, resolution of the political contest will not unto itself unlock the calcified… 
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The Defense Offset Strategy Needs A Big Idea

26 April 2015

There is no mistaking what’s foremost in Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work’s mind these days. Twice in two days last week, he used a tangential speaking obligation to underscore the key tenets of his call for a new offset… 
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