Grundman Cited In Defense News, “Industry Gets Sequester Delay, But Defense Changed Nonetheless”

7 January 2013 • 0 Comments

“With that shift, the security of defense budgets, thought to be at least partially protected by the split legislature, is at risk. And investors are taking notice. ‘I think there’s only a subtle distinction with what investors and the industry will think, between full implementation and a postponement,’ said Steve Grundman, the George Lund Fellow at the Atlantic Council. ‘This is a true inflection point in the character of risk; it almost doesn’t matter what happens after today. . . . National security and defense has traditionally been part of the identity of the Republican Party,’ Grundman said. ‘That portion has been waning, it has been dissolving over time, but a couple of things mark a sharp departure for that party. One is that they’re willing to trade off the adverse effect on defense in order to avoid raising taxes.'”

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