Aviation Week publishes Viewpoint by Grundman entitled, “Dear Mr. President-elect: The Other U.S. Defense Crises”

15 December 2008 • 0 Comments

Barack Obama was elected 44th president of the United States on a promise of “change”. So in the weeks leading up to his inauguration, the editors of Aviation Week & Space Technology invited leaders in aerospace to write open letters to the President-elect on the kinds of changes they feel are vital to the nation’s future security and prosperity. The letters covered a wide range of topics, some unique to the aerospace and defense industry, others broader. Each letter was published throughout the two months leading up to his inauguration in January 2009.

The letter from Steve Grundman is entitled, “The Other U.S. Defense Crises”. It calls out the “myriad dysfunctions in the management of the defense establishment” which, “aggravated by the imperatives and distractions of war . . . have reached crisis proportions”. “Left unattended,” Grundman implored Mr. Obama, “broken managerial systems at the Pentagon will impair your leadership”.


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