Grundman appears on Defense News TV to discuss its “Top 100”

26 July 2017

Steve Grundman appeared Wednesday on Defense News TV to join a panel discussion about the paper’s “Top 100” ranking of global defense companies. Moderated by the Defense News executive editor Jill Aitoro, the discussion featured Steve, Dan Goure (Lexington Institute),… 
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Grundman appears on Government Matters TV to discuss defense industry at the 100th day

4 May 2017

Steve Grundman appeared Thursday on Government Matters TV with Francis Rose (ABC-7, NewsChannel-8). They discussed the defense industry’s posture toward the new Administration’s initiatives at its 100-day mark. Affordability initiatives, challenges facing next-generation acquisition programs, and the outlook for defense… 
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Grundman cited in Defense News, “Top 100: Defense Revenues Down, but Industry Prevailing”

27 July 2015

Commenting on the publication of Defense News’s annual Top 100 Global Defense Companies, Steve Grundman was quoted, saying, “‘On an outlay basis, I think we have one more year to go,’ said Steve Grundman, a former Pentagon industrial policy chief… 
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Grundman cited in Defense News, “Sikorsky Deal Could Presage Industry Realignment”

25 July 2015

“Steve Grundman, a former Pentagon industrial policy chief who now is a consultant and member of the Atlantic Council, said he doesn’t see any obvious deal-breakers, but he expects the antitrust regulators in the Department of Justice will subject the… 
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Grundman cited in Defense News, “Defense Firms Seek to Engage Tech Hubs”

11 July 2015

“Steven Grundman, former Pentagon defense industrial policy chief and now the principal of Grundman Advisory, said the defense community should embrace a more collaborative approach to innovation ‘as opposed to just taking money and inventing things.’ In the commercial sector,… 
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Grundman cited in Aviation Week & Space Technology, “Global A&D Suppliers Continue Flocking to U.S.”

2 July 2015

Aviation Week’s business editor, Michael Bruno, covered the most recent event in the Atlantic Council’s Captains of Industry series, entitled, “Coming to America: Global Suppliers for Defense and Security”. Moderated by the series’ producer, Lund Fellow Steven Grundman, the panel… 
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Grundman cited in Defense News, “Global Suppliers Still Coming to America”

29 June 2015

“‘Every one of these companies is a great defense company creating business opportunities in the United States,’ moderator Steve Grundman told a select audience June 24, as he introduced the US-based presidents and chief operating [sic] officers of four major… 
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Grundman cited in Defense News, “Harris Completes Speedy Exelis Acquisition”

1 June 2015

“One reason the acquisition proceeded so smoothly, analysts said, was the lack of any major anti-trust issues that might have given government regulators a reason to take a closer look at the deal. ‘There were no show-stoppers in the government’s… 
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Grundman Cited In Defense News, “New European UAV Effort Raises Hopes”

25 May 2015

“A US analyst was ambivalent about whether Europe could pull it off. ‘If this is an old fashioned transnational cooperation development with modest technical ambition and a more economic motivation, meaning the sharing of production costs, then it does not sound promising,’ said Steven Grundman, a Lund fellow at… 
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Grundman Cited In Defense News, “Mccain Makes Move To Shift Acquisition Authorities”

23 May 2015

“The idea of handing more acquisition power to the service chiefs was met with mixed reactions. . . . Steve Grundman, principal of Grundman Advisory and Lund Fellow at the Atlantic Council, noted there are other benefits to such a shift,… 
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