Grundman Cited In Defense News, “Dod Acquisition Reform Pushing Change In People”

26 November 2012 • 0 Comments

“The fact that the new version of Better Buying Power, which has become one of the most critical documents for acquisition policy, included few new points but emphasized professionalism indicates that many did not understand the original, said Steven Grundman, the Lund Fellow at the Atlantic Council. ‘I think Better Buying Power 1.0 went over a lot of people’s heads,’ Grundman said. ‘I think it went over the heads of the workforce; I think it went over the heads of people in industry.’ But in addition, Kendall’s emphasis on Better Buying Power was critical to prove its staying power, Grundman said. ‘There was no way that this was going to outlast [Ashton] Carter [deputy secretary of defense] if his successor did not stand up and say, ‘I’m associated with this too’,’ he said.”


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